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The Union of Exceptional Fellows

A D&D 4E Eberron Campaign

This wiki will contain both general information on the Eberron setting as well as specific information relevant to my campaign.


The tone of the campaign is pulp action with a touch of noir. You should expect over-the-top action adventure; in fact, being larger-than-life and pulling off flashy maneuvers can often get you a situational bonus.

Character Creation

Create your characters at 2nd level per the Player’s Handbook. We’ll be using the Standard Array as normal; all current 4E books are allowable material (this includes the Swordmage class from Forgotten Realms).

Starting Equipment

As per the starting rules, you begin the game with:

  • 1×3rd level magic item
  • 1×2nd level magic item
  • 1×1st level magic item
  • 360gp

Due to the nature of the campaign, if your background would encourage any specific item (don’t go overboard, here – I don’t care what your background is, you’re not starting with a Vorpal sword!) then talk to me about it. For example if you’re a Lyrandar captain, you might end up with an airship or galleon that you can use.

Character Background

Your PC should be a well-known individual to keep with the campaign’s theme (League of Extraordinary Gentlemen). Some ideas you might use include:

  • A captain and war hero who served during the Last War, receiving a medal of honor for bravery.
  • A professor of ancient history with several published works who is also an expert treasure hunter.
  • An infamous pirate (or famous privateer)

The point is your character should have a history in the world. In this campaign, instead of starting out as an unknown face, you are already a noted individual and it’s this reputation which has gotten someone’s attention in the first place.

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